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The Top Solar Panels Q&As  

Below are some of the top questions (with answers) we come across during our installations

Simply put, the sun’s rays heat the solar panel.

This heat is then pumped from the solar panel to the hot water cylinder in your hot press.

This solar heated water then heats your hot water cylinder for free.

Every existing household (built before 2006) is entitled to a government grant for installing a solar panel. It is currently €1,200.

Please see our government grant section for more details on the grants.

This is dependent on the many variables such as the cost of your system but it can be as quick as 5 years.

We can easily calculate the payback period of your specific system - Just contact us!

Electricity/gas bills will drop from the day you install it as you will use them less.

Also the life of your boiler will be extended by approximately 20% as it will not have to work as hard.

The solar panel comes with 10 years warranty from the manufacturers.

No, it heats water. A Solar PV system will provide you with free electricity if this is what you want.

Yes - a very small amount. However, in 2015 the new ERP guidelines stated that all solar system pumps must be magnetically driven, super low energy pumps. These only cost around €2 per year to run.

This is a never ending question that we come across and its not as simple as saying one is better than the other.

In summer, on a hot day, these two panels will produce practically identical temperatures and quantities of hot water. In winter, or a cloudy or windy day, the flat plat panel will lose heat to the atmosphere. This is because it has only one layer of glass (like a single glazed window) to separate the panel from the ambient air.

Evacuated tubes on the other hand, have two layers of glass (like a double glazed window) and loose practically no heat to the atmosphere as there is a 2nd layer of glass separating the panel from the atmosphere. There is also the fact that the heat pipe in the evacuated tube (not present in any flat plate) allows liquid to boil at 30°c due to its negative pressure.

Simply put, evacuated tubes are more efficient than flat plate panels.

Ideally the solar panel should point directly south. It will operate best facing this direction.

East or west is also possible but solar panels may need to be larger to get the same output.

Call us and we will look at your case specifically.

Yes. Most systems can be installed in 2 days by any competent installer.

One thing to note about doing your own installation is that you may not be eligible for the SEI grant. Under their terms, the system has to be installed by a registered installer.

Still, many people wish to carry out their own installation and not apply for the grant.

Under normal circumstances there is no need for any maintenance with your system.

It is recommended to change the anti-freeze every 2-3 years.

Firstly, tubes are very strong and not easily broken. If the worst should happen, solar tubes can be replaced very easily.

Your Kingspan Panel can operate with several broken tubes, but the efficiency will be reduced. It is recommended that broken tubes be replaced immediately.

If a tube has even a microscopic crack, it will turn white in about 2 weeks.

Remember you have a 20 year warranty with your Kingspan tubes, so its our problem, not yours.

A single 20 tube Panel is 1952 x 1418 x 93 mm. LxWxH A single 30 tube Panel is 1952 x 2127 x 93 mm. LxWxH

Yes. Air temperature has very little effect on the panel as it is heated by solar radiation.

Evacuated tube solar water heaters are best for regions where there is less solar radiation as they are generally more efficient than flat plate collectors.

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