Do you dream of a warm house with warm floors under your feet?

If the answer is “Yes!” then underfloor heating is for you…

underfloor heating installation

What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is a way of transferring heat into your home. Using radiators is another way.

The floors of the house act like a giant radiator and they provide a steady, even temperature to the entire house. The type of heat from an underfloor heating system is far superior when compared to traditional radiators. A radiator system will have hot and cold zones in the house and as you walk around the house, you will be drifting from hot to cool areas.

With underfloor heating, the room temperature is identical in all areas, at all times.

You can connect a heat pump, condensing boiler, stove or solar to your underfloor heating system.

Underfloor Heating FAQ’s

Is underfloor heating expensive?

No! That’s the short answer anyway.

For a typical 150m2 house, it might drive up the cost of the heating system by around €1,000, though you will have a much better heating system when compared to traditional rads.

Also, rads were originally designed to work with gas and oil boilers. These boilers send out water at 80°C and this heats the rads, which in turn heats the house. Modern homes are now being built to very high insulation standards, so people are turning to heat pumps instead of boilers. Heat pumps work best if connected to an underfloor heating system in your home.

Can I retrofit underfloor heating into my existing house?

Generally no. Technically it can be done, though it involves removing the entire floor structure of the house and replacing it with a new one. There is so much work involved in this, that no one does it.

Will I have a zoned heating system with underfloor heating?

Yes! If you have underfloor heating in your house, each room can generally be controlled to its own temperature. This gives individual zone, or room temperatures.

What do I need to get a price?

Generally you need to be installing a heat pump to your home. Once you have made this decision, e-mail us in your house plans and we will price up the underfloor heating system to compliment the heat pump.

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