The sun can power your home. All that you need is a solar system that can handle the load. It is better to consult a company when you are building your new house as planning for solar panels during the construction phase can turn out to be very beneficial. Plus, it can help you meet Part L obligations.

new homes built with solar panels

Our high end Solar PV system is for you.

Photovoltaic solar panels or Solar PV is becoming a more common feature for people building new houses these days. It can help you meet your Part L obligations while still providing you with renewable energy for your new home.

Photovoltaic solar panels convert daylight into electricity. You can use this electricity anywhere in your house.

All new houses being built (since 2008) must install a certain amount of renewable energy. This is enshrined in the building regulations, but it’s also a very sensible thing to do. It can become easy to overlook renewable energy and to consider using that budget to upgrade your kitchen or driveway, though you as a homeowner need to consider the running costs of your home long into the future. We all know that oil is depleting rapidly and we need to move to renewable forms of energy production.

Solar PV is a great way to generate your own free electricity, without any hassle. The system has no moving parts, so there is very little that can go wrong. Typically these systems have a 20 year performance guarantee. This should give you confidence to install solar PV.

We have access to a range of different solar PV panels. For housing schemes we have a good quality solar panel which is easy to install and for the one off homes, we have a high quality solar PV panel which looks fantastic with slate or roof tiles.

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Taking Care of Legal Requirements

New building regulations require homeowners to ensure new buildings including extensions and renovations meet an energy rating of B2 upon completion.

Expected to come into effect from November 2021, these new regulations also require newly built homes to be Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB). 

For this purpose, buildings will be required to have a rating of A2. Currently, new buildings are required to have a rating of A3.

The Department of Housing says that this change can help homeowners save on energy bills. According to these regulations, the whole building must meet these rating requirements when at least 25 percent of the area of the building is undergoing renovation.

Start with the Right Mindset

Planning to be energy efficient during the construction phase can turn out to be very beneficial. We often find that renewable energy options are added to new homes as an afterthought. While this helps meet legal requirements, it doesn’t allow the home to get the maximum benefits from these smart technologies. 

You can decide where to install panels so you can get maximum sun coverage. Also, you can plan how to implement a mix of smart technologies to get the best results.

new homes built with solar panels

How Solar Panels Can Help

The best way to reach the required ratings is to use renewable energy sources with solar panels being a top choice.

Solar panels have been used in Ireland for years. There was a massive increase in solar panel usage in 2008 when the law changed to require all new houses to utilize renewable energy sources. 

This isn’t just a legal requirement but it is also a sensible step since renewable energy offers many benefits. It is good for the environment, can help save money, and makes maintenance easier.

Solar energy is the most popular renewable energy option. It creates ‘free’ energy that can be used to run all kinds of appliances. Since the system has no moving parts, it can be installed easily (by professionals) and cause no hassle. Moreover, you may have the option to sell solar power to your local grid to make money.

Solar panels are highly durable and usually come with a 20 year guarantee. You can choose from a variety of solar panels and pick what meets your requirements. 

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Part L Compliance Cert

Everyone who builds a new house needs a ‘Part L compliance cert’ before starting any work. This cert has to be included with your commencement notice and is usually sent two weeks before you commence.

This cert can help correctly project the annual heating bills and size the heat pump. Without it, you will be installing solar panels on new construction with estimates. 

The right fit depends on a number of factors including the size of your house, its direction, and the number of people who share the house. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or check the solar panels new build price calculator for an immediate quote.

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