Imagine if your farm was powered by daylight!

Here at AEI we can make that a reality for you.

We can also help you to arrange a grant to cover 30-60% of the total costs.

We handle the full process from enquiry, to installation, right through to post-installation maintenance.


Why should I consider Solar Panels to power my farm?

  • Well the first and most obvious reason is to help control rising energy costs.
  • Another good reason is to help reduce costly carbon emissions associated with your farm.
  • To avail of the TAMS and SEAI Grants while available.
  • To help improve the farms environmental credentials.
  • There is a very impressive 5-7 year payback with AEI.
  • To help your farm to grow in a sustainable manner.
  • Our PV is Certified to work alongside Lely milking robots by Efficient Farm Solutions (EFS).
  • At AEI we have a world renowned 25 year guarantee on our panels.

Is a Solar System suitable for my farm?

In general, the answer here is Yes. There are sometimes economies of scale, so the larger your electricity consumption, the better the value. In saying that, the latest TAMS grants have substantially helped smaller farms by providing generous grants to farmers above and below 40 years of age.

Provided you consume electricity all year round on your farm, we can find you a solution.

If your electrical connection to the grid is single or 3 phase, we have the answer.


How do the grants work?

Smaller farms can claim up to 60% grant aid if the farmer is below 40 years of age. This is done through the TAMS grant system. AEI are registered on this scheme.

Larger farms can claim 30% grant funding through the SEAI’s Better Energy Communities (BEC) scheme. AEI are also registered on this scheme.

The TAMS grant is a simple process. The TAMS grant is restricted to smaller Solar PV systems up to 11kw in size and any size farm can apply. Apply in advance of the installation and advise Teagasc that AEI are doing your installation. We assist with the entire grant application process. On completion of the installation and once AEI are paid in full, you will be refunded with 30-60% of the total costs associated with the installation.

The BEC scheme is aimed at larger farms. Ideally those spending a minimum of €3,000 on electricity per year. Essentially, we put you in touch with an energy agency. They are the ones who process your grant application and submit it to SEAI on your behalf. Again, full assistance is provided through the whole process. You receive the 30% grant funding directly back from SEAI after installation is complete and paid.


Who is AEI and why should I consider purchasing from them?

At AEI we take pride in providing solutions to a large volume of homes and businesses in Ireland each year.

We are an award-winning company who has been installing solar system for over 13 years, making us Ireland longest established Solar panel installer. AEI also installs many other technologies such as heat pumps, solar for hot water, intelligent heating systems and ventilation systems.

We have thousands of domestic installations completed and also many commercial installations. We installed the award-winning Solar System in Stormont Castle in Northern Ireland, we installed solar systems for government buildings in Limerick, The Pavilion shopping centre in Dublin, Siemens Ireland and various GAA clubs and to new build housing estates across Ireland.

AEI are a certified installer of Solar system on farms that have Lely milking robots on site. There will be no warranty issues if we install a solar system onto your farm.

With offices in Dublin and Tullamore, we can call to your farm to assess the possibilities very easily.

With many farmers already signed up, AEI are the farmers choice for solar installations in Ireland.

Why not get in touch with us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have and we can see just how much we can save you each year. You might be very pleasantly surprised.


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