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The Top Solar PV / Electric Q&As  

Below are some of the top questions (with answers) we come across during our installations


Absolutely YES! Our solar PV panels convert daylight into electricity. If there is daylight, you will have free electricity. The brighter the day, the higher the output.
95% of houses are suited to solar panels. Ideally one of your roofs will point close to south. South is where the sun is at midday.
You can check with most smart phones or google maps. Failing this, if you don't have a compass the sun is located at south at midday, every day of the year.
The output is guaranteed for 20 years! That's peace of mind long into the future for your investment.
A typical domestic solar PV system will have a payback of around 8 years.
Yes because you will still need electricity at night and when its raining. If your house needs 1.5kw of power and your PV system is only generating 1kw of power, the final 0.5kw will automatically be drawn in from the grid.

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