Self Builder – Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers and new homes

Condensing boilers are becoming less common on new homes these days. Heat pumps are becoming the heat source of choice among self builders. However, there are still plenty of condensing boilers being installed as people are familiar with them and how they operate.

A condensing boiler wont contribute towards your Part L in the building regulations, though you can deal with Part L by installing a solar PV system.

Zoned Heating System

If you’re installing a condensing boiler, you will most likely be zoning your heating system There is a lot of talk these days about a zoned heating system. You may be wondering how this “zoned” heating system differs from a standard heating system. You need to think of a typical standard heating system as one circuit, or “zone”, with one controller, one set of pipes all linked and a pump; and when the system is turned “on” all the pipes gets hot water sent to them and all the radiators heat and the hot water cylinder heats to whatever temperature the boiler is heating to.

If your heating system is “zoned” we separate the piping to the cylinder and the radiators into 2 separate circuits, or “zones”. Therefore, you can heat the radiator zone OR the hot water cylinder zone separately, or both at the same time. This is especially convenient in the summer when you do not wish to heat your radiators but still require hot water. Along with being able to control if one is zone is on and the other zone is off, you will also have the ability to heat the water in the cylinder to a preset temperature, at which point that zone (the cylinder) will shut down to prevent overheating or wasting energy.

You will also be able to control the temperature of the rooms in the house with a wall temperature stat/sensor. If both the hot water and rooms are hot enough, the boiler shuts down and stops consuming gas. When the rooms or water become cold again, the gas boiler will start again if the controller/timer also requires heating.

There are many factors in selecting a correctly sized boiler for your home and we will gladly do this for you.