Self Builder – Central Heating Controls

Central heating controls are the brains of your heating system. The central heating controls decide when your boiler or heat pump should be “on”.

The controls also give additional features such as:

  • Deciding what temperature your rooms or heating zone should heat to
  • Deciding what temperature your hot water should be kept at
  • What times the boiler comes on at
  • Allowing you to turn on the heating from your phone while away from the house
  • Allowing different rooms to be kept at different temperatures
  • Fluctuating the radiator or underfloor temperature based on changing outdoor temperatures

All in all, the central heating controls are very important. Without good controls, your boiler or heat pump won’t work to its best potential. They provide you with additional control and comfort, which is hard to quantify in €uros, while also reducing your heating bills for the house.
Our standard controls are EPH controls and we advise people to upgrade to either the Climote or Heatmiser system depending on their specific needs.

Call us on 01-4433996 and we can describe the benefits of one over the other.