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The Top Q&As for Condensing Boilers

Below are some of the top questions (with answers) we come across during our installations

Simply put, a condensing boiler is a modem, highly efficiency boiler. It consumes less fuel, to give the same desired heat output.

1. Reliability. The current boiler is old and un-reliable boiler. Boilers have a natural lifespan and do eventually need to be replaced. They have moving parts, electronics and metal that can corrode.

2. Controlling costs. Apart from your mortgage, heating your home is the largest associated cost of living in a house. Condensing boilers consume less fuel (gas/oil) to give the same desired heat output. Your gas bills will be 20% to 30% reduced by changing to a good condensing boiler.

3. The environmental impact. Old boilers chug out far more CO² when compared to condensing gas or oil boilers.

YES! Every house built before 2006 is entitled to a grant to change their boiler.

The grant is €700 and it won’t be around for much longer.

To get the grant you need to do some additional work while you are changing the boiler. You need to zone your heating system, add some TRVs on radiators, upgrade controls and have a BER cert issued after the works are complete.

There are some items that needs to be done if you are looking to claim the grant. The main ones are listed and explained below. 1. Zone your heating system. If your heating system is to be "zoned" we will separate the piping to the cylinder and the radiators into 2 separate circuits, or "zones". Therefore, you can heat the radiator zone OR the hot water cylinder zone separately, or both at the same time. 2. Add at least 3 TRVs to radiators. TRVs are valves added to the water connection on the side of radiators. They sense the room temperature and will shut off the hot water supply to the radiator when the temperature is reached. 3. Heating system controls upgraded. We will install room stat to measure the room temperature. This will turn off the boiler when the desired room temperature is reached. A new 2 or 3 zone digital controller will be added to be used to turn the heating on/off. 4. BER cert. A Building energy rating cert will be issued for the property when we are finished.
Yes, in most cases. 99% of houses are suitable for condensing boilers without much disruption. The boilers produce condensation (hence the name) and this need to be sent to a drain somewhere. That’s the main logistical difference between them and traditional boilers.
By changing the boiler itself, you will save between 20 and 30%. This could even be more if you boiler is more than 20 years old. By upgrading the controls and zoning your heating system, you will save an additional 5%, but you will gain a new level of comfort in the house with the controls. Rooms’ will neither under nor over heat. Hot water is maintained at a pre-set temperature. Plus, all new homes are fitting these controls nowadays. You will drag your old heating system up to today’s high standards. If you think we should include more questions and answers, please email us here.

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