Commercial Solar Hot Water

Solar collectors for commercial applications make financial sense.

Commercial Property

If you have a high demand for hot water in your building and you want to reduce the water heating costs, you must look at renewable technology as a way to bring down these costs. There is the accellerated capital allowance scheme, whereby companies can write of the full cost of the installation in year one. Combine this with the annual savings and you will see that it makes perfect sense to install solar systems onto commercial buildings.

See the photo of our installation of a large solar hot water system onto Stormont Castle recently. This was installed with public money, so you can be sure there are savings and a large reduction in carbon with these systems.

Housing Developments

Renewable energy is required on all new build dwellings. The amount of renewable energy required, will increase with each revision of the building regultions. Solar is a very common technology used to comply with building regulations. Part L in the building regulations stipulates the amount of renewable energy required for each dwelling. Contact us for some advise on your specific project.


Sports Club

Most sports clubs have a demand for hot water from showers. You have two options to heat this water. Traditional (gas/oil/electricity) or renewable energy. Solar panels are excellent at heating water. They will heat up to 70% of the water for free each year. There are generous grants available for sports clubs in Ireland. Contact us for some details on these grants.


B&B / Hotel

B&B’s and hotels usually have a high demand for hot water in spring, summer and autumn. This is the ideal scenario for solar panels as their output is highest during these months. Fast payback can usually be achieved in these situations. SEAI also allow the B&B owners to claim the €1,200 grant if they are living within the B&B itself.