PV or photovoltaic solar panels turn daylight into free electricity.

These operate completely differently from solar hot water collectors. When daylight strikes a PV solar panel, a DC electrical current is generated. If you arrange several of these panels on a roof in series, the current becomes significant. This DC current then travels down to an inverter, which converts the electricity from DC to AC. All homes in Ireland use AC power to run electrical items in the house.

PV solar panels provide free electricity with a guaranteed output for the next 20 years. That gives you peace of mind long into the future.

The benefits of PV solar panels:

  • Huge electricity savings
  • 20 year guaranteed output
  • Free electricity forever
  • Wise investment
  • High efficiency
  • High Building Energy Rating (BER).

We will provide a free site assessment and technical report for each solar PV installation.

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