Do you want clean, filtered, warm air circulating in your home?

If so, then our high end Heat Recovery Ventilation system is for you.

Housing Developments with Heat recovery Ventilation

We have installed heat recovery ventilation onto many different housing developments. We have worked with various developers and builders who would be happy to recommend us.

If you have a development, and you’re considering using heat recovery ventilation – get in touch with us and we can design, supply, install and certify the installation.


Why should you install a heat recovery ventilation system onto your new home?

If you insulate a building to high standards, install good quality windows and low heat loss glass, make the building airtight and do everything possible to help reduce the cost of heating the building; don’t you think it’s crazy to drill holes in the wall of each room in order to provide ventilation?

Continuous whole house ventilation can help reduce relative humidity to below 70% RH, which inhibits the ideal living and breeding conditions of the house dust mite. Home buyers are becoming more aware of all the differebnt technologies in homes these days and they have an expectation to see these technologies in their new home.

Typically these systems take 2 days to install and the system is installed over two fixes.

E-mail us your plans for a quotation tailored to your project. We have reduced prices for multiple units.