Do I need a BER cert?

If you’re building a new house, you need a “Part L compliance cert” raised before you commence any works. This has been the case since 2008. Some people try avoid it, though you need this cert included with your commencement notice to the relevant local authority. This is sent in 2 weeks before you commence.

The Part L compliance cert is raised by your BER assessor.

We would love to be your BER assessor if you are building a new home and we will act as your BER assessor if you are installing a Heat Pump with us.

To commence this, we require the following:

Stage 1: Send us your floor plans. We require the floor plans to estimate the heatpump size and to estimate the costs.

Stage 2: We provide you with an estimate for the installation

Stage 3: If you’re happy to proceed, pay your deposit for the Heat Pump and pay for the BER / Part L compliance cert. The BER element ranges from €400-€700 for most new homes.

Remember there are great benefits to be had with the Part L Compliance Cert. You will be able to project the annual heating bills, we will be able to size the Heat Pump with 100% accuracy and you will know if your house is compliant before you commence building. Without this document, anyone sizing/pricing your Heat Pump is guessing at the size required and what the running costs will be.

So, in order to commence this process, the first thing is, you need to have a Part L compliance cert raised. Send us your plans by email and we will take it from there.