Should I recommend solar thermal to my client?


A Solar hot water system is a very common choice for people building new houses these days. It can meet their Part L obligations while still providing them with free renewable energy for their home.

Solar thermal privided water for washing, bathing, sinks, appliances etc…

Solar thermal counts towards the buildings Part L obligations set out in the regulations.

There is 20 years parts and labout warranty on the Kingspan solar thermal system. The longest in the world.

The Kingspan solar system have the longest warranty in the worl, the highest effeciency and it also is theonly solar collector in the world with overheat protection. This system prevents overheating in summer and prolongs the life of the system for 30 years and more.

To satisfy Part L in the regs, how much energy do I need to generate with solar thermal?

The simple answer is your floor area in m2 x 10

This will give you a number. This number is the amount of kwhr’s you must generate from renewables every year.

Example: A new build is 220m2 and is using no other form of renewable energy to meet Part L.

220 x 10 = 2,200 kwhr/year

You can achieve this with a 40 tube Kingspan solar system combined with a 400 litre solar cylinder. Call us for prices on this.

Can I generate this renewable energy requirement with different technologies?

Yes. You as an architect or engineer can recommend heat pumpssolar PV, pellet boilers or stoves. There are other forms of renewable energy also, though they are not very common.

What’s the cheapest way to meet Part L in the regs?

Typically Solar PV is the cheapest, though it may not be the most beneficial for you. Sometimes you are better off using a high quality heat pump. This will heat your house and provide you with all your hot water also. You won’t need a gas line or an oil tank with a heat pump. If the building is insulated to a good standard (not passive standard) we should be able to heat most houses for less than €900 per year.