Heat pumps are a common heat source chosen by engineers and architects these days.

The main reason, is that they are very reliable, cost effective when compared to condensing boilers and they also help a building meet the Part L requirement in the building regulations.

As you know, each building must now generate a large portion of its energy from renewable sources. If you choose one of our heat pumps we will correctly size the heat pump and we will provide the specification details so that you can pass these details onto the client or building contractor.

If you choose our NIBE or Daiken heat pump, we can ensure that you don’t need to use any other form of renewables on the project. You can always specify a solar PV system to help offset some of the running costs of the heat pump if your client has the budget for this.

We can advise on the most suitable technology for each building. Just email us in the the plans of the building and we can recommend the best system and detailed or budget quote.